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In connection with 2 cases of dental retention due to radicular malformations, the authors draw attention to the following three points: 1. The diastema in which the retained tooth develops should exceed its mediodistal diameter. 2. The malformation of the root is not a counter-indication for induction alveolectomy: this triggers growth of the alveolar bone(More)
Hajdu-Cheney syndrome is a rare, probably autosomal dominant connective tissue disorder with a variable expressivity. It is characterized by an osteoporotic skeleton, acro-osteolysis, a proportionate short stature, and distinctive orofacial anomalies. The aim of this article is to focus on the orofacial manifestations in two sporadic cases and one familial(More)
Lingual vascular malformations are usually benign, but have repercussions on the growth of the maxillo-mandibular unit in the child. The improvement in the vascular problems at puberty leads the authors to prefer a conservative form of treatment, hence the important role of embolization techniques. These techniques should be followed by the fitting of a(More)