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Lime has not been found of importance for potatoes except on cutaway hochmoor. Nutrient requirements per acre are about 70 lbs nitrogen. 40 lbs phosphorus and 170 lbs potassium. Farmyard manure was found to be a poor source of nitrogen but a good source of phosphorus and potassiu. Different nitrogenous fertilizers in general gave similar results, but(More)
Because of the considerable uncertainties associated with modeling complex ecosystem processes, it is essential that every effort be made to test model performance prior to relying on model projections for assessment of future surface water chemical response to environmental perturbation. Unfortunately, long-term chemical data with which to validate model(More)
A weight-of-evidence approach was used by the US National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program (NAPAP) to assess the sensitivity of chemistry and biology of lakes and streams to hypothesized changes in sulfate deposition over the next 50 years. The analyses focused on projected effects in response to differences in the magnitude and the timing of changes(More)
Each year, one out of five women suffers the loss of a pregnancy. Such losses are more than statistics: to many mothers, they represent the death of a longed-for child. While increasing attention has been directed toward meeting the needs of these women, the services provided are often fragmented. The use of a comprehensive checklist for providing care(More)
Ecological risk assessment (ERA) guidance recommends that field-truthing efforts proceed when modeled hazard quotients (HQs) suggest that toxicological effects are occurring to site receptors. To date, no field methods have been proposed by the regulatory community that can lead to definitive determinations of acceptable or unacceptable risk for birds and(More)
Three watershed acidification models-ILWAS, MAGIC, and ETD-were quantitatively compared to determine model structural differences by using a combination of input mapping and ANC mass balance budgets. Input mapping is a set of rules and algorithms to ensure that consistent input values were simultaneously derived for all three models. ANC budget analysis(More)
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