Patrick Esquirol

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This paper proposes a method which assists the firms for cooperating in make-to-order production. In the selected approach, the global organization is achieved progressively by a set of cooperations between pairs of actor of the companies network. We study in particular the process of cooperation which concerns the attributes of orders transmitted by the(More)
This paper is concerned with the design of distributed decision support systems for organizations (companies, project consortiums, virtual enterprises), in which several decision-makers have to cooperate. Typical situations can be found in the domain of the distributed management of time and resources (i.e. planning, scheduling, personal management,(More)
There has been a lot of interest lately from people solving constrained optimization problems for Constraint Programming (CP). Constraint programming cannot be described as a technique by itself but perhaps better as a class of computer languages tailored to the expression and resolution of problems which are non-deterministic in nature, with a fast program(More)