Patrick Edmond

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Resting muscle tone of the leg was measured in terms of thigh muscle stiffness and knee resonant frequency in muscles of spinal cord injured subjects who had been involved in an electrical neuromuscular stimulation training programme of the thigh muscles over at least 2 months. The thigh circumference of these patients was 6.6% larger than before training(More)
Design for dependability has long been an important issue for computer systems. While several dependability analysis tools have been produced, no effort has been made to automate the design for dependability. This paper describes ASSURE, an automated design for dependability advisor, which is part of the MICON system for rapid prototyping of small computer(More)
The thigh muscle tone of non-injured subjects and complete injury paraplegics has been investigated using torques, generated by a printed motor, to move the knee. The dynamic measure of resonant frequency (related to stiffness) together with a static measure of stiffness have shown the legs of non-injured subjects to respond non-linearly to decreasing(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop a technique which could objectively monitor and quantify spasms in spinal cord injured persons. METHODS This technique used accelerometers to detect movements in the limb caused by spasms. Accelerometer signals from movements caused by spasms and a variety of movements caused by other subject activities (movement in a wheelchair,(More)
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