Patrick Durville

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This survey of the marine ichthyofauna of the Piton de La Fournaise volcano at Reunion Island is the first explanatory study of fish community structures in this area. It describes and analyses the main qualitative descriptors of the fish communities (i.e. species richness, diet, life history and geographical distribution) and their spatio-temporal(More)
The colonization of a fringing reef of Reunion Island by fish larvae takes place essentially from August to February with two peaks, in August-September, when the water temperatures are coldest, and in February when they are at a maximum. The number of fishes, as well as the number of sampled species, present similar values over two consecutive years with,(More)
This paper constitutes the first qualitative study of coral reef fish populations in the archipelago of the Glorieuses Islands (northern Mozambique Channel). Sampling by visual census techniques, at depths between 0 and 15 meters, was carried out at 30 stations spread over the whole reef. Three hundred and thirty-two (332) fish species belonging to 57(More)
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