Patrick Dougan

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A one-pot synthesis of the chiral dihydrobenzofuran framework is described. The method utilizes Rh-catalyzed asymmetric ring opening (ARO) and Pd-catalyzed C-O coupling to furnish the product in excellent enantioselectivity without isolation of intermediates. Systematic metal-ligand studies were carried out to investigate the compatibility of each catalytic(More)
A facility for total-body X ray irradiation has been built using two 4 MV linear accelerators, one supported from the ceiling and one placed in a floor pit. The maximum distance between the sources is 410 cm. The patient lies supine on a light, movable support with a stretched-canvas top, halfway between the sources where the field size is 80 X 220 cm2. A(More)
This paper advocates the need to move beyond interdisciplinary team composition as a minimum criterion for multidisciplinary functioning in child abuse treatment. Recent developments within the field reflect the practice of shared professional responsibility for detection, case management and treatment. Adherence to this particular model for intervention(More)
Rh(I)-catalyzed asymmetric ring opening (ARO) of oxabenzonorbornadiene is used as a model system to qualitatively study reactions involving multiple metal-ligand interactions. The key feature of this approach is the use of product ee as an indicator to quickly gain important information such as the relative ligand binding affinity and relative reactivity of(More)
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