Patrick Dohrmann

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Organizations establish process models for different purposes and goals. However, they have in common issues concerning quality assurance and successful project management. Process models can be applied on different levels in process engineering, depending on whether processes are to be executed, defined or improved. Various individual methods and tools(More)
Although the association of epilepsy with cerebral tumours is well recognized, the reported incidence of seizures and relationship to tumour pathology varies significantly. This study assessed retrospectively the incidence of seizures, relationship to tumour pathology, natural history of epilepsy and prognostic significance of presentation with a seizure in(More)
Modern enterprise application systems are parts of complex IT landscapes. The architecture of such a landscape may impose constraints upon the design of single applications, for example by the mandatory use of enterprise-wide reference architectures. It is of great importance for the sake of smooth operation and easy maintaining that single applications are(More)
Querying models is one of the most essential and most elementary tasks in model-based software development. More complex activities like, for instance finding source patterns of model transformations, measuring models, or checking consistency between models, include querying models for certain properties, elements, or substructures. Logic formalisms like(More)
Today, typical classrooms are still equipped with blackboards, chalk and sometimes overhead projectors. Technology-enriched rooms can often only be found in school libraries or computer pools where students can research topics on the WWW or use other specific computer applications. In this paper, we present an educational game called “Parcours”, developed(More)
<b>Context:</b> Software processes evolve over time and several approaches were proposed to support the required flexibility. Yet, little is known whether these approaches sufficiently support the development of large software processes. A software process line helps to systematically develop and manage families of processes and, as part of this,(More)
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Orthograde whole-gut irrigation proved a simply applicable method for bowel cleansing also in infants and small children. It could be demonstrated that the use of saline-lavage solution is well tolerated by these patients, accompanied only by minor changes of electrolyte and pH balance. Orthograde whole-gut irrigation is indicated in operations for small(More)
Introducing process models into an organization entail many advantages even more when being adapted to the organizations specific environment and needs. Unnecessary processes may be omitted and never be planed or defined for execution, while the necessary ones consist of possible workflows in an organization. Nevertheless, lived processes deviate from their(More)
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