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  • Wanda Fred Masifwa, Timothy Twongo, Patrick Denny
  • 2004
This study examined the impacts of the alien waterweed, water hyacinth, on the abundance and diversity of aquatic macroinvertebrates in the littoral areas of northern Lake Victoria in Uganda. The weed had undergone explosive growth on the lake causing serious disruption to people, the economy and the ecosystem. This study was confined to impact of the weed(More)
This paper describes vegetation in the nothern Sudd area of the Sudan. A visit by boat was made in April 1978 along the White Nile from Malakal to Lake No; to the inflow regions of the Bahr el Jebel, the Bahr el Zeraf and to the Bahr el Ghazal. Only the vegetation along the fringe of the rivers was observed as plants were tall and dense and it was not(More)
The implications of the Biodiversity Convention of the UNCED Conference in Rio are discussed in terms of the obligations of participating states. The importance of biodiversity is outlined with special reference to wetland ecosystems. The values of wetlands and wetland biodiversity are discussed and a possible classification strategy for their conservation(More)
In this paper, we describe a method to photogrammetrically estimate the intrinsic and extrinsic parameters of fish-eye cameras using the properties of equidistance perspective, particularly vanishing point estimation, with the aim of providing a rectified image for scene viewing applications. The estimated intrinsic parameters are the optical center and the(More)
The development of electronic vision systems for the automotive market is a strongly growing field, driven in particular by customer demand to increase the safety of vehicles both for drivers and for other road users, including vulnerable road users (VRUs), such as pedestrians. Customer demand is matched by legislative developments in a number of key(More)
  • C. J. Lord, S. K. Bohlander, +8 authors P. Denny
  • 1995
Development of novel congenic mouse strains has allowed us to better define the location of the diabetogenic locus, Idd3, on Chromosome (Chr) 3. Congenic strains were identified by use of published and newly developed microsatellite markers, their genomes fingerprinted by a rapid, fluorescence-based approach, and their susceptibility to type 1 diabetes(More)
Radial distortion in an image is a geometric distortion that causes a non-linear variation in resolution across the image, with a higher spatial resolution in the central areas of the image, and lower resolution in the peripheral areas of the image. This is particularly evident in fish-eye cameras, with very wide fields-of-view. Equidistant fish-eye cameras(More)
The majority of computer vision applications assumes that the camera adheres to the pinhole camera model. However, most optical systems will introduce undesirable effects. By far, the most evident of these effects is radial lensing, which is particularly noticeable in fish-eye camera systems, where the effect is relatively extreme. Several authors have(More)
— The majority of computer vision applications assume the pin-hole camera model. However, most optics will introduce some undesirable effects, rendering the assumption of the pin-hole camera model invalid. This is particularly evident in cameras with wide fields-of-view. The aim of distortion correction is, therefore, to transform the distorted view of(More)