Patrick Debra J. Turner

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As part of a multidisciplinary study into the health effects of solvents, workplace assessments and airborne solvent vapour monitoring was conducted in 46 spray painting workshops in the Sydney metropolitan area. Breathing-zone samples were taken from 50 apprentices and 14 experienced spray painters. An interview schedule was developed to obtain information(More)
A method of reconstituting mummified tissues using the fabric softener "Comfort" is described. Routine histological paraffin wax sections were prepared following overnight treatment at room temperature with a 0.2% solution of this substance in isotonic saline. A comparison of results obtained by this method is made with those obtained using Ruffer's and(More)
A finite-element, time-stepping technique is described for simulation of balanced and unbalanced terminal faults on a turbine-generator. Magnetic saturation, induced currents in the rotor body, wedges and field winding, and the relative motion between the rotor and stator windings, are modelled. Calculated values of induced field winding and stator phase(More)
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