Patrick De Pelsmacker

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The purpose of this study was to construct a brief version of the 40-item Affect Intensity Measure. Since the assumed one-dimensionality of the scale has been criticized lately, special attention was paid to the factor structure of the full and the brief scales. The scales were tested in three different samples: 510 Belgian citizens representative of the(More)
In a sample of 170 youngsters, the effect of two versions of a public service announcement (PSA) threat appeal against speeding, placed in four different contexts, on evoked fear, perceived threat (severity and probability of occurrence), perceived response efficacy and self-efficacy, message involvement and anti-speeding attitude and anti-speeding(More)
Two experimental studies test the effectiveness of health versus appearance-related arguments in two-sided messages. The first study shows that two-sided messages to discourage suntanning are more effective when using appearance-focused instead of health-focused arguments. Study 2 elaborates on the underlying mechanism and extends the generalization of the(More)
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