Patrick Day

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A fully asynchronous implementation of the ARM microprocessor has been developed in order to investigate the potential of asynchronous logic for low-power applications. The work demonstrates the feasibility of complex asynchronous design and shows that the cost and performance characteristics are similar to clocked designs. AMULET1 is the first attempt at(More)
The prepaid electric power metering market is being driven in large part by advancements in and the adoption of Smart Grid technology. Advanced smart meters facilitate the deployment of prepaid systems with smart prepaid meters. A successful program hinges on the ability to accurately predict the amount of energy consumed on a daily basis for each end user.(More)
AMULET1, developed in the OMI-MAP project, showed that complex asynchronous design is feasible. AMULET2e, developed in the OMI-DE project, is the next step in establishing self-timed processing as a commercially viable technology. It incorporates a new core, AMULET2, which is significantly faster than AMULET1, together with on-chip RAM which can be(More)
[Pram90] A. Pramanick, S. Reddy, " On the design of path delay fault testable combinational circuits " , Proc. at time t. After the application of the next clock the contents of the even flip-flops of the LFSR are shifted into the odd ones (see Figure 10b) producing the second vector. The content of the first output is derived by XORing the outputs of some(More)
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