Patrick Dawson

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There is a wealth of material on 'how to do' change plus empirical work revealing change process complexity. In health care, the relevance of context is highlighted, but studies of rural health-care change have focused on community impacts. There is little to inform health-care managers of how remoteness and rurality impact upon change processes. This study(More)
BACKGROUND Acute respiratory infections (ARIs) are a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Influenza typically contributes substantially to the burden of ARI, but only limited data are available on influenza activity and seasonality in Jordan. METHODS Syndromic case definitions were used to identify individuals with severe acute respiratory(More)
The limited efficacy of current therapeutic approaches for a number of socially relevant human diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular pathologies, has required the exploration of alternative and more effective therapeutic strategies. In the last two decades, nucleic acid based drugs have emerged as an attractive and novel alternative with great(More)
BACKGROUND Significant reductions in motor vehicle injury mortality have been reported for teen drivers after passage of graduated driver licensing (GDL), seat belt, and no tolerance alcohol and drug laws. Despite this, teen drivers remain a vulnerable population with elevated fatal crash involvement. This study examines driver, vehicle, and crash(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to better understand tuberculosis (TB) epidemiology among New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents, after a recent TB investigation identified patients who had the same TB strain. METHODS The study population included all New York City patients with TB confirmed during 2001 through 2009. Patient address at diagnosis(More)
Aides from poor neighborhoods in Denver, Colo., screened children in four health centers for problems in hearing, vision, articulation, and development, and children with abnormal test results were referred to specialists for evaluation. In 3 months, paraprofessional aides did 3,183 tests, of which 302 yielded abnormal results. In 146 instances, these(More)