Patrick D. O'Connor

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The efficacy of a controversial treatment, using colored filters to remediate reading disabilities, was measured empirically, with colored overlays placed over reading material on white paper. Irlen's (1983) method is to prescribe specific tinted filters as lenses that she claims filter specific light frequencies and remove a range of perceptual disorders(More)
The hexacyclic himandrine skeleton 5, which is present in the most complex alkaloids of the tropical rain forest tree Galbulimima belgraveana, has been prepared for the first time. The synthesis begins from the known [3.2.1]benzobicyclooctene intermediate 10. Key steps include a Diels-Alder cycloaddition, Curtius rearrangement, Birch reduction, an(More)
In the current study, real gas effects in the propagation of sound waves are simulated using the direct simulation Monte Carlo method for a wide range of frequencies. This particle method allows for treatment of acoustic phenomena at high Knudsen numbers, corresponding to low densities and a high ratio of the molecular mean free path to wavelength.(More)
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