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The heat shock response (HSR) is essential to survive acute proteotoxic stress and has been studied extensively in unicellular organisms and tissue culture cells, but to a lesser extent in intact metazoan animals. To identify the regulatory pathways that control the HSR in Caenorhabditis elegans, we performed a genome-wide RNAi screen and identified 59(More)
A major goal of systems biology is to understand how organism-level behavior arises from a myriad of molecular interactions. Often this involves complex sets of rules describing interactions among a large number of components. As an alternative, we have developed a simple, macro-level model to describe how chronic temperature stress affects reproduction in(More)
High-throughput technologies, including gene-expression microarrays, hold great promise for the systems-level study of biological processes. Yet, challenges remain in comparing microarray data from different sources and extracting information about low-abundance transcripts. We demonstrate that these difficulties arise from limitations in the modeling of(More)
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