Patrick D. Hogan

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Background. Self-management support and team-based care are essential elements of the Chronic Care Model but are often limited by staff availability and reimbursement. Mobile phones are a promising platform for improving chronic care but there are few examples of successful health system implementation. Program Development. An iterative process of program(More)
Enrollment growth in information systems programs has been limited in recent years despite the fact that the job market for IS graduates remains strong. This study investigates why business students choose their major, how they perceive the MIS program, and where they learn information about the MIS program. Our research found that, when students choose(More)
Organizational Excellence and Benchmarking Study of Administrative Services Dear Colleagues: We write to provide you with an update regarding the Organizational Excellence initiative currently underway at the University. As you know, this effort has emerged as a priority during the strategic planning process. It will enhance organizational capacity across(More)
The debate on universality in current human rights scholarship has been overly limited. Commonly, the idea is either dismissed as Eurocentric or it is compared to a global political consensus. I evoke certain alternate and underexplored views on the topic from literary and culture studies. Scholars like Kwame Appiah, Patrick Hogan and Seyla Benhabib have(More)
The management of data generated from satellite missions has not always led to effective access of that data by the scientific community. NASA has tried to alleviate this problem for ocean scientists, by initiating a program. the NASA Ocean Data System (NODS). The menu-based user interface that NODS employs allows a user to make requests and recieve answers(More)
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