Patrick D. Browne

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A survey of the health and social circumstances of 662 people aged 85 and over, living at home in inner London, was conducted in 1987. A primary aim was to analyze the structure of social support networks of the sample in relation to respondents' emotional well-being and met and unmet needs for practical help. The conceptual and methodological framework(More)
Methane-producing Archaea are of interest due to their contribution to atmospheric change and for their roles in technological applications including waste treatment and biofuel production. Although restricted to anaerobic environments, methanogens are found in a wide variety of habitats, where they commonly live in syntrophic relationships with bacterial(More)
Here, we report the complete genome sequence (2.92 Mb) of Methanosphaerula palustris E1-9C(T), a methanogen isolated from a minerotrophic fen. This is the first genome report of the Methanosphaerula genus, within the Methanoregulaceae family, in the Methanomicrobiales order. E1-9C(T) relatives are found in a wide range of ecological and geographical(More)
In order to explore the possibility that prolactinomas may be caused by prolonged under-inhibition of prolactin-secreting cells we examined the pituitary fossa in 69 patients on long-term phenothiazine treatment. The average duration of treatment was 12.5 years and 55 (80 per cent) of the patients had persistently raised serum prolactin levels. The(More)
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