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BACKGROUND Integrins are transmembrane receptors that modulate cell adhesion. Each is a heterodimer of varying alpha and beta subunits. In malignancy, loss of integrin expression may result in less adhesive cells more likely to metastasize. Our aim was to characterize the integrins in human breast tissue and to examine the relationship between integrin(More)
OBJECTIVE Nicotinamide, a vitamin of the B group, has in vitro actions capable of interfering with the pathogenetic process leading to IDDM. Since 1987, several studies have evaluated nicotinamide as a means of protecting beta-cells from end-stage destruction in insulin-treated patients with newly diagnosed IDDM. The aim of the study was to determine(More)
A survey of the health and social circumstances of 662 people aged 85 and over, living at home in inner London, was conducted in 1987. A primary aim was to analyze the structure of social support networks of the sample in relation to respondents' emotional well-being and met and unmet needs for practical help. The conceptual and methodological framework(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS The E-cadherin-catenin complex plays a critical role in the maintenance of normal tissue architecture. Mutation of any of its components is believed to result in loss of cell-cell adhesion and contribute to neoplasia. The aim of this study was to examine the expression of E-cadherin and alpha-, beta-, and gamma-catenin in gastric carcinoma(More)
In order to explore the possibility that prolactinomas may be caused by prolonged under-inhibition of prolactin-secreting cells we examined the pituitary fossa in 69 patients on long-term phenothiazine treatment. The average duration of treatment was 12.5 years and 55 (80 per cent) of the patients had persistently raised serum prolactin levels. The(More)
It has been suggested that home sharers, particularly spouses, act as substitutes for formal health and social care provision. This hypothesis was investigated in relation to three independent samples of elderly people, using comparable methodology in London (urban area) and Essex (semi-rural area). The uniqueness of the study lies in the ability to make(More)
OBJECTIVE Strict metabolic control during the 1st year of type 1 diabetes is thought to be a key factor for achieving clinical remission. The aims of this study were two-fold: (i) to evaluate the frequency and duration of spontaneous remission (defined according to the parameters issued by the International Diabetic Immunotherapy Group (IDIG)) in a European(More)
Methane-producing Archaea are of interest due to their contribution to atmospheric change and for their roles in technological applications including waste treatment and biofuel production. Although restricted to anaerobic environments, methanogens are found in a wide variety of habitats, where they commonly live in syntrophic relationships with bacterial(More)
The effect of three anaesthetic techniques on blood loss and intra-uterine pressure changes in response to Syntocinon were studied in patients undergoing routine first trimester suction termination of pregnancy. All patients received a standard premedication, a bolus dose of fentanyl, intravenous induction of anaesthesia and maintenance with nitrous oxide(More)
Members of the order Methanomicrobiales are abundant, and sometimes dominant, hydrogenotrophic (H2-CO2 utilizing) methanoarchaea in a broad range of anoxic habitats. Despite their key roles in greenhouse gas emissions and waste conversion to methane, little is known about the physiological and genomic bases for their widespread distribution and abundance.(More)