Patrick Crane

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  • Greg Taylor, L J Rickard, Y Pihlström, J Craig, N Kassim, T Clarke +9 others
  • 2006
The Long Wavelength Array (LWA) will be a new, open, user-oriented astronomical instrument operating in the relatively unexplored window from 20-80 MHz at arcsecond level resolution. Operated by the University of New Mexico on behalf of the Southwest Consortium (SWC) the LWA will provide a unique training ground for the next generation of radio astronomers.(More)
Effective fault-handling in emerging complex distributed applications requires the ability to dynamically adapt resource allocation and fault-tolerance policies in response to possible changes in environment, application requirements, and available resources. This paper reports an effort on design and implementation of an adaptive fault-tolerance middleware(More)
Reliable design and implementation of emerging highly complex real-time applications require use of state-of-the-art techniques in systems and software engineering. Object-oriented analysis and design methodologies have become popular in development of non-real-time business data processing applications. However, conventional object-oriented techniques have(More)
Groundwater samples were collected at over 100 locations in Benin, West Africa, for the purpose of characterizing region-wide spatial variation in groundwater quality as indicated by concentrations of a number of elements measured within the samples. Analytic techniques ranged from field measures of conductivity and pH, to characterization of major and(More)
Middleware implementation of various critical services required by large-scale and complex real-time applications on top of COTS operating system is currently an approach of growing interests. Its main goal is to enable significant reduction in the complexity of application system design and implementation by separating the concerns of the application(More)
BACKGROUND The interpretation of neuropathological studies of dementia and Alzheimer's disease is complicated by potential selection mechanisms that can drive whether or not a study participant is observed to undergo autopsy. Notwithstanding this, there appears to have been little emphasis placed on potential selection bias in published reports from(More)
  • V Di Gesü, L Scarsi, P Crane, J H Fried, York, L V Di Gesü +7 others
  • 2009
Topics will include statistical analysis of complex databases, object classification problems, astrophysics from large data collections, together with state of the art reviews of astronomical database technology and expert system applications. astrophysics. Further details may be obtained from Vito Oi Gesu or from Fionn Murtagh. The foregoing trends serve(More)
  • A Marconi, David J Axon, F D Macchetto, A Capetti, W B Sparks, P Crane
  • 1997
We present the first HST long-slit spectrum of a gaseous disk around a candidate super-massive black-hole. The results of this study on the kinematics of the gaseous disk in M87 are a considerable improvement in both spatial resolution and accuracy over previous observations and requires a projected mass of M BH (sin i) 2 = (2.0 ± 0.5)×10 9 M ⊙ (M BH =(More)