Patrick Courtis

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An understanding of the complex anatomy of the clavicle is helpful in the treatment of clavicular fractures. Using three-dimensional (3D) statistical shape analysis, the author presents a novel method to assess geometric morphology of the clavicle. Fifteen fresh frozen shoulder specimens were scanned using high-resolution computerized tomography (CT) but(More)
An image registration-based elastography algorithm is presented for assessing the stiffness of tissue regions inside the prostate for the purpose of detecting tumors. A 3D finite-element model of the prostate is built from ultrasound images and used to simulate the deformation of the prostate induced by a TRUS probe. To reconstruct the stiffness of tissues,(More)
BACKGROUND Principal component analysis (PCA) enables the building of statistical shape models of bones and joints. This has been used in conjunction with computer assisted surgery in the past. However, PCA of the clavicle has not been performed. Using PCA, we present a novel method that examines the major modes of size and three-dimensional shape variation(More)
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