Patrick Coquillard

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Currently, the widely used notion of activity is increasingly present in computer science. However, because this notion is used in specic contexts, it becomes vague. Here, the notion of activity is scrutinized in various contexts and, accordingly, put in perspective. It is discussed through four scientic disciplines: computer science, biology, economics,(More)
Expansion and intensification of human land use represents the major cause of habitat fragmentation. Such fragmentation can have dramatic consequences on species richness and trophic interactions within food webs. Although the associated ecological consequences have been studied by several authors, the evolutionary effects on interacting species have(More)
This paper addresses the question of optimal phenotypic plasticity as a response to environmental fluctuations while optimizing the cost/benefit ratio, where the cost is energetic expense of plasticity, and benefit is fitness. The dispersion matrix Σ of the genes' response (H = ln|Σ|) is used: (i) in a numerical model as a metric of the phenotypic variance(More)
1 Summary – Dynamics of biological-ecological systems is strongly depending on spatial dimensions. Most of powerful simulators in ecology take into account for system spatiality thus embedding stochastic processes. Due to the diffi culty of researching particular trajectories, biologists and computer scientists aim at predicting the most probable(More)
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