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is one of ten regional units mandated by Congress and established in Fall 1,988 to support research, education, and training in surface transportation. The UC Center serves federal Region IX and is supporled by matching grants (toni the U. Faculty and students on other University of California campuses may participate m Center activities. Researchers at(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW There have been several recent insights in our understanding of how best to provide optimal perioperative anesthesia and analgesia for ambulatory shoulder surgery. This review attempts to distill the advances reported in the past 12-18 months and put them in perspective. RECENT FINDINGS Recent studies have explored the optimal dosing(More)
Identification of the subarachnoid space has traditionally been achieved by either a blind landmark-guided approach or using prepuncture ultrasound assistance. To assess the feasibility of performing spinal anaesthesia under real-time ultrasound guidance in routine clinical practice we conducted a single center prospective observational study among patients(More)
Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) hold great promise for public works professionals seeking to optimize those public investment strategies that deal with traffic congestion and other growth pressures. Advanced traffic and fleet management systems as well as traveler information and vehicle-based systems can take advantage of information technology(More)
PURPOSE Regional anesthesia is the preferred technique for total knee arthroplasty to provide a bridge for early postoperative analgesia, reduce opioid consumption, and improve mobility and rehabilitation. Multiple patient and process factors must be weighed when choosing the appropriate technique to reduce morbidity and facilitate discharge. We(More)
BACKGROUND Agoraphobia is a common and disabling mental health disorder. Substantial evidence supports the use of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), in particular the intervention termed exposure therapy, as the treatment of choice. However, although the evidence base for cognitive-behaviour therapy is extensive, the service delivery evidence base is poor,(More)
Tumescent anaesthesia describes the practice of injecting a very dilute solution of local anaesthetic combined with epinephrine and sodium bicarbonate into tissue until it becomes firm and tense (tumescent). It was initially described in the field of liposuction but now surgical applications for the technique are widely varied ranging across vascular(More)
Rework consumes large portions of software engineering budgets. Human factors, and Cognitive Bias in particular, have been shown in other disciplines to be implicated in the kinds of reasoning errors that lead to rework. Research of these phenomena in software engineering lags similar efforts in other disciplines. This study identifies the Performance(More)
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