Patrick Conroy

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A spatial and temporal analysis of travel diary data collected during the State of California Telecommuting Pilot Project is performed to determine the impacts of telecommuting on household travel behavior. The analysis is based on geocoded trip data where missing trips and trip attributes have been augmented to the extent possible. The results confirm the(More)
Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) hold great promise for public works professionals seeking to optimize those public investment strategies that deal with traffic congestion and other growth pressures. Advanced traffic and fleet management systems as well as traveler information and vehicle-based systems can take advantage of information technology(More)
Twenty-nine "hybrid" Miller-Galante total knee arthroplasties, in 22 patients, were evaluated prospectively and according to the clinical and roentgenographic guidelines of The Knee Society. Selection of this technique, incorporating an uncemented, porous-ingrowth femoral component and a cemented tibial component, was based on patient age, medical(More)
Rework consumes large portions of software engineering budgets. Human factors, and Cognitive Bias in particular, have been shown in other disciplines to be implicated in the kinds of reasoning errors that lead to rework. Research of these phenomena in software engineering lags similar efforts in other disciplines. This study identifies the Performance(More)