Patrick Comerford

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The sources of innervation of neuromuscular spindles in sternomastoid and trapezius have been investigated in rats and mice, by degeneration experiments. The entire motor supply, both extrafusal and intrafusal, to both muscles, was from the spinal accessory nerve. The sensory supply to the spindles in sternomastoid and rostral trapezius was from cervical(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide experience on the methods and costs for delivering a large-scale community pharmacist home visit service. SETTING Independent urban community pharmacy, Buffalo, NY. PRACTICE DESCRIPTION Mobile Pharmacy Solutions provides traditional community pharmacy walk-in service and a suite of clinically oriented services, including outbound(More)
Health care services in the late 1980's are undergoing drastic changes. Similarly the laws, insurance regulations, etc. are changing so rapidly that the health care system appears to be having a difficult time keeping up with the ever changing needs of the consumers (that is, the patients). Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) have resulted in decreased hospital(More)
In this issue of Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, Kaiser and colleagues conducted an investigation to identify variations in the delivered dose of several different isophane insulin (neutral protamine Hagedorn, NPH) brands that use glass and metal bodies ("bullets") to facilitate mixing. Using a strategy where multiple pens from each of five(More)
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