Patrick Coleman

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For believable character animation, skin deformation should communicate important deformation effects due to underlying muscle movement. Anatomical models that capture these effects are typically constructed from the inside out. Internal tissue is modeled by hand and a surface skin is attached to, or generated from, the internal structure. This paper(More)
Linear perspective is a good approximation to the format in which the human visual system conveys 3D scene information to the brain. Artists expressing 3D scenes, however, create nonlinear projections that balance their linear perspective view of a scene with elements of aesthetic style, layout and relative importance of scene objects. Manipulating the many(More)
We introduce staggered poses---a representation of character motion that explicitly encodes coordinated timing among movement features in different parts of a character's body. This representation allows us to provide sparse, pose--based controls for editing motion that preserve existing movement detail, and we describe how to edit coordinated timing among(More)
Locomotion Synthesis Methods for Humanoid Characters 2010 This thesis introduces locomotion synthesis methods for humanoid characters. Motion synthesis is an under-constrained problem that requires additional constraints beyond user inputs. Two main approaches to introducing additional constraints are physics-based and data-driven. Despite significant(More)