Patrick Coleman

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Curves are perhaps the most versatile of modeling primitives in computer graphics. They define a rough structure for many surface-generation algorithms and are often fit to meaningful surface features for further shape modeling. Deformable objects such as hair and fur are simulated on finite element curve discretizations. Motion paths for planning and(More)
The Pioneer Saturn vector helium magnetometer has detected a bow shock and magnetopause at Saturn and has provided an accurate characterization of the planetary field. The equatorial surface field is 0.20 gauss, a factor of 3 to 5 times smaller than anticipated on the basis of attempted scalings from Earth and Jupiter. The tilt angle between the magnetic(More)
For believable character animation, skin deformation should communicate important deformation effects due to underlying muscle movement. Anatomical models that capture these effects are typically constructed from the inside out. Internal tissue is modeled by hand and a surface skin is attached to, or generated from, the internal structure. This paper(More)
Linear perspective is a good approximation to the format in which the human visual system conveys 3D scene information to the brain. Artists expressing 3D scenes, however, create nonlinear projections that balance their linear perspective view of a scene with elements of aesthetic style, layout and relative importance of scene objects. Manipulating the many(More)
The Pioneer 11 vector helium magnetometer provided precise, contititious measurements of the magnetic fields in interplanetary space, inside Jupiter's magnetosphere, and in the near vicinity of Jupiter. As with the Pioneer 10 data, evidence was seen of the dynanmic interaction of Jupiter with the solar wind which leads to a variety of phenomena (bow shock,(More)
We introduce staggered poses---a representation of character motion that explicitly encodes coordinated timing among movement features in different parts of a character's body. This representation allows us to provide sparse, pose--based controls for editing motion that preserve existing movement detail, and we describe how to edit coordinated timing among(More)
Previously unmapped Apollo 16 subsatellite magnetometer data collected at low altitudes over the lunar near side are presented. Medium-amplitude magnetic anomalies exist over the Fra Mauro and Cayley Formations (primary and secondary basin ejecta emplaced 3.8 to 4.0 billion years ago) but are nearly absent over the maria and over the craters Copernicus,(More)
Spatial Keyframing is an approach to interactive character animation in which users lay out character poses in an abstract, low-dimensional control space. Cursor position in that low-dimensional space is interpreted as a weighted interpolation among poses, and cursor motion then defines a pose-to-pose style animation that the user can interactively create.(More)