Patrick Cheng

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BACKGROUND With increasing research on system integration for image-guided therapy (IGT), there has been a strong demand for standardized communication among devices and software to share data such as target positions, images and device status. METHOD We propose a new, open, simple and extensible network communication protocol for IGT, named OpenIGTLink,(More)
This paper presents an overview of the image-guided surgery toolkit (IGSTK). IGSTK is an open source C++ software library that provides the basic components needed to develop image-guided surgery applications. It is intended for fast prototyping and development of image-guided surgery applications. The toolkit was developed through a collaboration between(More)
We present three image-guided navigation systems developed for needle-based interventional radiology procedures, using the open source image-guided surgery toolkit (IGSTK). The clinical procedures we address are vertebroplasty, RF ablation of large lung tumors, and lung biopsy. In vertebroplasty, our system replaces the use of fluoroscopy, reducing(More)
PURPOSE To develop an image guidance system that incorporates volumetric planning of spherical ablations and electromagnetic tracking of radiofrequency (RF) electrodes during insertion. MATERIALS AND METHODS Simulated tumors were created in three live swine by percutaneously injecting agar nodules into the lung. A treatment plan was devised for each tumor(More)
Many image-guided surgery applications require tracking devices as part of their core functionality. The Image-Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK) was designed and developed to interface tracking devices with software applications incorporating medical images. IGSTK was designed as an open source C++ library that provides the basic components needed for fast(More)
The introduction of software technology in a life-dependent environment requires the development team to execute a process that ensures a high level of software reliability and correctness. Despite their popularity, agile methods are generally assumed to be inappropriate as a process family in these environments due to their lack of emphasis on(More)
planning and execution for radiofrequency ablation of liver tumors Filip Banovac, Hernan Abeledo, Enrique Campos-Nanez, Bradford J. Wood, Teo Popa, Patrick Cheng, Kevin Cleary Computer Aided Interventions and Medical Robotics (CAIMR), Imaging Science & Information Systems (ISIS) Center, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA Department of(More)
Chua circuits are the simplest circuit that meets the requirements to exhibit chaotic behavior and are cheap to construct with plenty of background research to check the accuracy of our results with. The initial design of the experiment was to synchronize multiple chaotic chua circuits acoustically to investigate ways of data masking for secure information(More)