Patrick Cassidy

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As a first step in construction of a lexicon for natural language understanding, we are preparing a hierarchical semantic network using the Roget's thesaurus as a starting database. This work was undertaken because examination of the Roget shows that there are semantic relations considered important for linguistic expression which are not defined in other(More)
MD there took place the first Upper Ontol-ogy Summit (UOS). This was a convening of custodians of several prominent upper ontologies, key technology participants, and interested other parties, with the purpose of finding a means to relate the different ontologies to each other. The result is reflected in a joint communiqué, directed to the larger ontology(More)
Introduction: Tuning and matching the RF coil to the desired Larmor frequency and characteristic impedance of the MR scanner's RF system is necessary for optimal performance. Determining these requirements using analytical methods soon becomes difficult for arbitrary RF coils with complex geometries, Faraday shields and lossy dielectric loads. Fortunately,(More)
The COSMO foundation ontology is being developed to test the hypothesis that there are a relatively small number (under 10,000) of primitive ontology elements that are sufficient to serve as the building blocks for any number of more specialized ontology elements representing concepts and terms used in any computer application. Finding evidence for this(More)
Manipulation of control points is a standard procedure in B-spline surface patch design. Unfortunately, this tool alone is not suucient to achieve certain goals such as removing gaps among patches. In this paper, we introduce another approach for removing gaps but maintaining the geometrical smoothness condition. The only requirement is to sacriice the true(More)
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