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State, Power, Socialism
Developing themes of his earlier works, Poulantzas here advances a vigorous critique of contemporary Marxist theories of the state, arguing against a general theory of the state, and identifying
What Is Globalization
Foreword. Introduction. Vitual Tax--Payers. The National State Caught between World Economy and Individualization: What is to be Done?. The Globalization Shock: A Belated Discussion. Part I:
The New Wars
Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. What is new about the new wars?. 2. Warfare, state--building and the Thrity Years War. 3. The statization of war. 4. The economics of force in the new wars. 5.
The Globalized Woman: Reports from a Future of Inequality
* Introduction * 1. The Global Conveyor Belt * 2. Worldwide Service * 3. Means of Living * 4. Women in the Wreckage of Structural Adjustment * 5. Variants of Modernity * 6. The Globalization of
War and Migration : Social Networks and Economic Strategies of the Hazaras of Afghanistan
Introduction Part I: Issues and Method 1. Migration and Transnationalism in the Anthropological Debate 2. From Theory to Field: Investigations in a Context of Conflict and Migration Part II: The
Sex traffic : prostitution, crime and exploitation
* Introduction * 1. The Global Sex Market * The Cultural Setting * Some notes on customers * The social role of the prostitute * The exploitation of prostitution * Market Trends * The global boom in
The Subsistence Perspective: Beyond the Globalised Economy
The aim of the subsistence perspective is happiness, quality of life and human dignity. In movements most often led by women, particularly in the third world, the authors demonstrate a different and
A Cultural History of Climate
Preface. Introduction. 1. What Do We Know about the Climate? Sources of Climate History. Causes of Climate Change. The Palaeoclimate since the Formation of the Planet. 2. Global Warming: The
Reinventing the Family: In Search of New Lifestyles
This book discusses the "new Confusion about the Family" as well as life as a Planning Project, and the role of gender and sexuality in the formation of a family.