Patrick C. Headley

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Many individuals who are blind or visually impaired are interested in drawing tactile pictures, and some have already done so with static raised-line drawing kits. However, static raised-line drawing kits are problematic as they are non-erasable. Various computer systems, with or without accompanying device interfaces, have been designed to allow these(More)
For presenting graphics on small, moveable tactile displays such as those that resemble computer mice, word labels can be as important as the diagram itself. In addition, the ability to present Braille with these displays offers an alternative for accessing full pages of Braille with a cost effective system. In this work, we consider the inherent(More)
Previously in our lab, we developed a low-cost mouse-like device that has high position accuracy, very good temporal and spatial collocation between kinesthetic and tactile information, a fairly large temporal bandwidth and a short time delay. However, it can still be limiting when generating texture-like patterns. We have therefore extended the function of(More)
Detrusor smooth muscle exhibits myogenic contraction in response to a quick stretch (QS) as well as spontaneous rhythmic contraction (SRC); however, whether the same population of actomyosin crossbridges with a common regulatory mechanism is responsible for these two types of contraction has not been determined. Detrusor strips from New Zealand white rabbit(More)
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