Patrick C. Chen

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The correlation coefficients are used for segmentation according to texture. They are first evaluated on a set of square regions forming two levels of the quadratic picture tree (or pyramid). If the coefficients of a square and its four children in the tree are similar, then that region is considered to be of uniform texture. If not, it is replaced by its(More)
Complementary treatment approaches have been increasingly demanded by women during the last several decades to relieve their gynecological disorders, reduce side effects of conventional hormonal or cancer treatment, and enhance health-related quality of life. As many women do not disclose their complementary therapies to their gynecologists or oncologists,(More)
Malaysia has a large variety of traditional medical systems that are a direct reflection of the wide ethnic diversity of its population. These can be grouped into four basic varieties, namely, traditional "native," traditional Chinese, traditional Indian and modern medicine, examples of which are described. In spite of the great inroads made by modern(More)
The surface roughness effects on the dynamic squeezing behavior of a finite length partial journal bearing under a time dependent oscillating load is studied. Use Christensen's stochastic models to develop the stochastic Reynolds' equation of the longitudinal, transverse and uniform isotropic roughness. According to the results obtained, the roughness(More)
The permainan puteri (usually abbreviated to main puteri) is an indigenous Kelantanese healing ceremony in which the bomoh (traditional medicine-man), the sick individual and other participants become spirit-medium through whom puteri (spirits) are able to enact a permainan ('play'). It has been successfully used as a psychotherapy for depression. The bomoh(More)
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