Patrick C. Alguire

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BACKGROUND There have been many proposals for objective standards designed to optimize training, testing, and maintaining competency in interpretation of electrocardiograms (ECGs). However, most of these recommendations are consensus based and are not derived from clinical trials that include patient outcomes. PURPOSE To critically review the available(More)
A renewed emphasis on clinical competence and its assessment has grown out of public concerns about the safety, efficacy, and accountability of health care in the United States. Medical schools and residency training programs are paying increased attention to teaching and evaluating basic clinical skills, stimulated in part by these concerns and the(More)
This paper is part 1 of a 2-part series on interpretation of 12-lead resting electrocardiograms (ECGs). Part 1 is a position paper that presents recommendations for initial competency, competency assessment, and maintenance of competency on ECG interpretation, as well as recommendations for the role of computer-assisted ECG interpretation. Part 2 is a(More)
BACKGROUND: Awareness of the need for ambulatory care teaching skills training for clinician-educators is increasing. A recent Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)-funded national initiative trained 110 teams from U.S. teaching hospitals to implement local faculty development (FD) in teaching skills. OBJECTIVE: To assess the rate of(More)
CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT and evaluation are important processes in the cont inuing efforts to improve medical educat ion and general internal medic ine as an academic specialty. This annotated b ib l iography gives the academic general internist an in t roduct ion to the l i terature on cur r icu lum deve lopmen t and evaluation in medical educat ion and in(More)
H irsutism is excess ha i r g rowth on a w o m a n in and rogen-dependen t sk in sites, i nc lud ing the upper lip, chin, chest, i nne r th ighs , back, and abdomen.1 Hypertrichosis, on the o ther hand , is excess ha i r g rowth of nonendocr ine origin, may appea r anywhere on the body, and can occur in m e n or women. 2 Viril ization is h i r su t i sm(More)
We compared prior training in 4 areas (general teaching skills, teaching specific content areas, teaching by specific methods and in specific settings, and general professional skills) among community-based teachers based in private practices (N=61) compared with those in community sites operated by teaching institutions (N=64) and hospital-based faculty(More)