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Aiming to control neurite formation and navigate the axonal growth by an extrinsic guidance, we report on the design, synthesis and biological evaluation of caged retinoids. Agonists of RARβ have been temporarily blocked either by the [(α-methyl-2-nitropiperonyl)oxy]carbonyl (MeNPOC) group or by immobilization using nitrocatechol linkers on TiO2 particles.(More)
Material systems that can be used to flexibly and precisely define the chemical nature and molecular arrangement of a surface would be invaluable for the control of complex biointerfacial interactions. For example, progress in antifouling polymer biointerfaces that prevent non-specific protein adsorption and cell attachment, which can significantly improve(More)
Intraocular migration of iron from iron foreign bodies in an extraocular or intrascleral location was studied in rabbits. Focal changes occurred in the choroid and retina beneath the foreign bodies. Significant amounts of iron diffused through the sclera into the globes. This iron was typically deposited in the epithelium of the ciliary processes and in the(More)
Methods for woody plant herbicide screening were assayed with the goal of reducing resources and time required to conduct preliminary screenings for new products. Rapid screening methods tested included greenhouse seedling screening, germinal screening, and seed screening. Triclopyr and eight experimental herbicides from Dow and 896) were tested on black(More)
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