Patrick Brendan Smith

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48 12-month-old infants and their mothers were videotaped in the Ainsworth Strange Situation. Each infant-mother dyad was also filmed for 3 min while the mother completed a questionnaire and the infant was left to explore the room devoid of toys, a situation in which maternal compliance with the request to complete the questionnaire was expected to compete(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS To determine whether radiographic measures of hyoid position, laryngeal position, and hyolaryngeal space during phonation were different for people with primary muscle tension dysphonia (MTD) as compared to control participants without voice disorders. STUDY DESIGN Prospective, quasi-experimental research design. METHODS Twenty(More)
Factors affecting the drinking patterns of 183 pregnant, African-American, Hispanic, and White adolescents were investigated, including the influence of peers, sexual partners, family members, and mentors. Among participants who drank alcohol prior to their pregnancies, 87% quit or cut back on their drinking behaviors. Those adolescents who lived in(More)
This study examines characteristics of adolescent females in prenatal care in a hospital-based teen clinic compared to a school-based teen clinic. Interviews were conducted during 1991-92 among 189 pregnant adolescents, whose mean age was 16.22 years. 48% were African American, 42% were Hispanic, and 2% were Asian or other. 75% of adolescents were single(More)
Despite awareness of the growing number of pregnant teens in the US, little information has been published concerning factors that predict early childbirth among individual girls. To begin to address this issue, the influence of specific life and social factors was examined in 50 adolescent girls with documented histories of good and poor contraception(More)
This paper reviews several sociologic factors associated with fertility and childbearing among Hispanic teens. The influences of acculturation, patterns of prenatal care and pregnancy outcome among Hispanic adolescents are discussed. Statistics related to birth weight, to onset of prenatal care, and marital status of the mother are also reviewed by age and(More)
KNOWLEDGE AS CONVERSATION: RICHARD RORTY AND THE LEGACY OF AMERICAN PRAGMATISM Patrick B. Smith This thesis examines the place of philosopher Richard Rorty in the American pragmatist tradition. To locate him within this rich tradition, I outline the major tenets of classical pragmatism that constitute the core aims of the early pragmatists-Charles Sanders(More)
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