Patrick Brendan Smith

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48 12-month-old infants and their mothers were videotaped in the Ainsworth Strange Situation. Each infant-mother dyad was also filmed for 3 min while the mother completed a questionnaire and the infant was left to explore the room devoid of toys, a situation in which maternal compliance with the request to complete the questionnaire was expected to compete(More)
This review considers recent theoretical and empirical developments in cross-cultural studies within social and organizational psychology. It begins with a description of the importance and the difficulties of universalizing psychological science. It then continues with an examination of theoretical work on both the internal-proximal and the external-distal(More)
Videotaped interviews of individuals said to be attending a mental health centre were rated by 30 trainee social workers and by 30 students unconnected with mental health. Interviewees were labelled as 'schizophrenic', 'normal' and 'undiagnosed' in a randomly rotated manner. Students rated schizophrenics as more deviant on various measures of social skill,(More)
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