Patrick Brandt

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Statistical models of text have become increasingly popular in statistics and computer science as a method of exploring large document collections. Social scientists often want to move beyond exploration, to measurement and experimentation, and make inference about social and political processes that drive discourse and content. In this paper, we develop a(More)
Previous studies have documented disparities in the regional responses to monetary policy shocks; this variation has been found to depend, in part, on differences in the industrial composition of the regional economies. However, due to computational issues, the literature has often neglected the richest level of disaggregation: the city. In this paper, we(More)
In this paper, I argue that what is behind 'dative shift', exemplified in (1), is the structural encoding of the referential properties of the respective D/NPs (a book and a girl). (1) a. He gave a book to a girl (Prep. Object Construction = POC) b. He gave a girl a book (Double Object Construction = DOC) As a point of departure and leitmotif, I consider a(More)
Salmonellosis and campylobacteriosis are major food-borne diseases caused by consumption of contaminated raw pork or poultry. Symptomatic disease is mainly characterized by gastroenteritis, although immunoreac-tive complications also occur, especially among the immunocompromised. Although these diseases cause the highest number of confirmed foodborne(More)
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