Patrick Brandmeier

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Advances in mobile devices and wireless telecommunication infrastructure already provide mobile users with access to online information sources and services. Compared to the PC world, however, mobile access is still quite restricted, especially with regard to the display of graphical representations, such as images, drawings, diagrams, maps and logos. Since(More)
In this paper we present MapViews, Magic Lounge, and Call-Kiosk, three different but related systems that address the integration of mobile communication terminals into multi-user applications. MapViews is a test-bed to investigate how a small group of geographically dispersed users can jointly solve localization and route planning tasks while being(More)
A promising approach to customize the delivery of multimedia content is based on methods for compiling content packages from repositories of existing media assets, such as text paragraphs and images. Since the authors of media assets may have specified layout preferences for their assets neither knowing in which package these assets eventually will occur,(More)
Navigation support concerning both physical space as well as information spaces address fundamental information needs of mobile users in many application scenarios including the classical shopping visit in the town centre. Therefore it is a particular research objective in the mobile domain to explore, showcase, and test the interplay of physical navigation(More)
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