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text? How can the notion of context be modeled? How can context be encapsulated in knowledge representation formalisms? What are the cog-nitive aspects linked to the notion of context? How does context influence A dvances in multidisciplinary research are leading toward a new generation of intelligent assistant systems (IASs) that are context sensitive (for(More)
Over the last ten years a community on context has emerged. Brézillon (1999) proposed a survey of the literature about context in artificial intelligence. There is a now series of conference on context, a web site and a mailing list. The number of web pages with the word " context " has been multiply by ten in the last five years. Being among the(More)
Context is the challenge for the coming years in Artificial Intelligence. In the companion paper [8], we present the main results of discussions at two workshops and at the first conference focusing on the notion of context. In this paper, we present a view of how context is considered in knowledge acquisition, machine learning, communication, and databases(More)
Decision trees allow the modeling of event-dependent reasoning, but do not consider the dynamics of contextual changes in reasoning. In the framework of the SART project, which aims at the design and development of an intelligent support system for subway regulators, we have to model highly contextual reasoning. We introduce the notion of contextual graph(More)