Patrick Bouthemy

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Several recent works on action recognition have attested the importance of explicitly integrating motion characteristics in the video description. This paper establishes that adequately decomposing visual motion into dominant and residual motions, both in the extraction of the space-time trajectories and for the computation of descriptors, significantly(More)
This paper describes a method to estimate parametric motion models. Motivations for the use of such models are on one hand their efficiency, which has been demonstrated in numerous contexts such as estimation, segmentation, tracking and interpretation of motion, and on the other hand, their low computational cost compared to optical flow estimation.(More)
The estimation of dense velocity fields from image sequences is basically an ill-posed problem, primarily because the data only partially constrain the solution. It is rendered especially difficult by the presence of motion boundaries and occlusion regions which are not taken into account by standard regularization approaches. In this paper, we present a(More)
This paper considers the problem of action localization, where the objective is to determine when and where certain actions appear. We introduce a sampling strategy to produce 2D+t sequences of bounding boxes, called tubelets. Compared to state-of-the-art alternatives, this drastically reduces the number of hypotheses that are likely to include the action(More)
We present a nonparametric regression method for denoising 3-D image sequences acquired via fluorescence microscopy. The proposed method exploits the redundancy of the 3-D+time information to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of images corrupted by Poisson-Gaussian noise. A variance stabilization transform is first applied to the image-data to remove the(More)
This article deals with analysis of the dynamic content of a scene from an image sequence irrespective of the static or dynamic nature of the camera. The tasks involved can be the detection of moving objects in a scene observed by a mobile camera, or the identification of the movements of some relevant components of the scene relatively to the camera. This(More)
This paper is concerned with hierarchical Markov random field (MRP) models and their application to sonar image segmentation. We present an original hierarchical segmentation procedure devoted to images given by a high-resolution sonar. The sonar image is segmented into two kinds of regions: shadow (corresponding to a lack of acoustic reverberation behind(More)
We present a novel space-time patch-based method for image sequence restoration. We propose an adaptive statistical estimation framework based on the local analysis of the bias-variance trade-off. At each pixel, the space-time neighborhood is adapted to improve the performance of the proposed patch-based estimator. The proposed method is unsupervised and(More)
This paper describes an original approach for motion interpretation with a view to content-based video indexing. We exploit a statistical analysis of the temporal distribution of appropriate local motion-based measures to perform a global motion characterization. We consider motion features extracted from temporal cooccurrence matrices, and related to(More)