Patrick Bitter

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Studies in model organisms suggest that aged cells can be functionally rejuvenated, but whether this concept applies to human skin is unclear. Here we apply 3'-end sequencing for expression quantification ("3-seq") to discover the gene expression program associated with human photoaging and intrinsic skin aging (collectively termed "skin aging"), and the(More)
We introduce a generic, purely mechanical model for environment sensitive motion of mammalian cells that is applicable to chemotaxis, haptotaxis, and durotaxis as modes of motility. It is able to theoretically explain all relevant experimental observations, in particular, the high efficiency of motion, the behavior on inhomogeneous substrates, and the(More)
Flocculation of yeast cells is an important phenomenon that often occurs in beverage production and applications of white biotechnology. In this paper, a novel model for cell movement and cell-cell interaction to simulate yeast cell flocculation is presented. To simulate this process with acceptable runtimes, a GPU implementation based on OpenCL and Java is(More)
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