Patrick Bertrand

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This paper describes an open source program called SOAS, which we developed with the aim of analysing one-dimensional signals. It offers a large set of commands for handling voltammetric and chronoamperometric data, including smoothing signals, differentiation, subtracting baselines, fitting current responses, measuring limiting currents, and searching for(More)
FdVI from Rhodobacter capsulatus is structurally related to a group of [2Fe-2S] ferredoxins involved in iron-sulfur cluster biosynthesis. Comparative genomics suggested that FdVI and orthologs found in alpha-Proteobacteria are involved in this process. Here, the crystal structure of FdVI has been determined for both the oxidized and the reduced protein. The(More)
We show the theoretical and experimental combination of acoustic and optical methods for the in situ quantitative evaluation of the density, the viscosity, and the thickness of soft layers adsorbed on chemically tailored metal surfaces. For the highest sensitivity and an operation in liquids, a Love mode surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor with a(More)
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