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HiPOP: Hierarchical Partial-Order Planning
A new planner, HiPOP (Hierarchical Partial-Order Planner), which is domain-configurable and uses POP techniques to create hierarchical time-flexible plans that follows the given methods. Expand
Integrating Planning and Execution for a Team of Heterogeneous Robots with Time and Communication Constraints
A distributed decision architecture based first on a hybrid planner that can manage decentralized repairs with partial communication, and secondly on a distributed execution algorithm that efficiently propagates delays is presented. Expand
Synchronization and quorum sensing in a swarm of humanoid robots
The goal of this work is to robustly synchronize a group of humanoid robots, and to demonstrate the approach experimentally on a choreography of 8 robots. Expand
Using hybrid planning for plan reparation
This work proposes a plan repair algorithm designed to be used in a real-life setting for a team of autonomous robots and shows that using this knowledge can help the reparation, even when some half-executed abstract actions are present in the plan. Expand
Multi-robot planning and execution for surveillance missions
This paper presents an architecture for planning and executing a multi-robot mission in presence of disturbances, including intermittent communication. The mission we consider is a surveillanceExpand
Hybrid planning and distributed iterative repair for multi-robot missions with communication losses
An hybrid planner that mixes Partial Order Planning (POP) with a Hierarchical Task Network (HTN)-based modelling of actions and a distributed repair algorithm based on HiPOP is used to repair the plan, by iteratively removing actions in the plan in order to amend the global plan. Expand