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We analyzed how changes in BnNrt nitrate transporter gene expression induced by nitrate are associated with morphological changes in plantlets and osmotic water flow for growth. We hypothesized that in a Petri dish system, reduction in transpiration should induce conditions where nitrate and water fluxes for growth depend directly on nitrate transporter(More)
A 70-year-old man with recurrent undiagnosed episodes of bronchial cast expectoration and pulmonary infiltrates on chest radiography for 15 years is described. The diagnosis of chyloptysis was established by chemical analysis of the bronchial aspiration. We emphasize the radiological findings of this rare observation. The CT-associated lymphangiography(More)
Oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) is a crop with a complex aerial architecture that can cause self-shading leading to a vertical light gradient over the foliage. Mutual shading between neighboring plants at a high sowing density also results in an alteration of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) absorption by lower leaves. The aim of this study was to(More)
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