Patrick Bassey Williams

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Disparities in health and medical conditions among ethnic and racial groups have been repeatedly documented. These inequalities, which have been noted in the recent past, include health outcomes such as quality of life and mortality, process, accessibility and appropriateness of care, and the prevalence of certain degenerative conditions and infectious(More)
A prevention program that promotes attitudinal and behavioral change has been repeatedly recommended as an effective measure for community prevention and control of HIV/AIDS. Within the past decade, disease control programs among African Americans have shown no significant changes, as HIV/AIDS and related infections continue as the leading causes of death(More)
There are discrepancies in health care services for the poor and ethnic minorities in the United States. Within the past decade widespread concerns regarding the need to reform the nation's health care services, including the problem of human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immune syndrome (HIV/AIDS) among African Americans has continued. These inequalities(More)
PURPOSE Recent studies have suggested that the primary site of metabolism for prostate specific antigen (PSA) is the liver. We evaluated men undergoing liver transplantation to determine whether chronic hepatic insufficiency affected serum PSA levels and whether improved hepatic function altered serum PSA levels. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten men with a mean(More)
Genital presentation of filarial disease is not uncommon in endemic areas of the world. Acute, febrile illness involving the epididymis and spermatic cord (funiculoepididymitis) is one of many such presentations. With an internationally mobile society, physicians today, even in nonendemic areas, may encounter patients with filarial infestations. We report(More)
In this study we sought to explore how experience with specific mental and somatic practices is associated with wisdom, using self-report measures of experience and wisdom. We administered standard surveys to measure wisdom and experience among four groups of practitioners of mental and somatic practices, namely, meditators, practitioners of the Alexander(More)
BACKGROUND Compared to whites, African Americans have almost a 2-fold increased risk of first-ever stroke. Our study sought to determine awareness of stroke risk factors and management, symptoms, and risk reduction strategies in African Americans in Mississippi, which is part of the "stroke belt. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional survey of African(More)