Patrick Audebert

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Autonomous devices that are self-powered over a full lifetime, by extracting their energy from the environment, are crucial for applications such as ambient intelligence, active security in smart cards or monitoring. As the energy availability and power dissipation are not constant over time, energy management becomes a key function and determines the(More)
We present a technique for simultaneous focusing and energy selection of high-current, mega-electron volt proton beams with the use of radial, transient electric fields (10(7) to 10(10) volts per meter) triggered on the inner walls of a hollow microcylinder by an intense subpicosecond laser pulse. Because of the transient nature of the focusing fields, the(More)
A wireless multichannel data acquisition system is being designed for ElectroEncephaloGraphy (EEG) recording. The system is based on a custom integrated circuit (ASIC) for signal conditioning, amplification and digitization and also on commercial components for RF transmission. It supports the RF transmission of a 32-channel EEG recording sampled at 1 kHz(More)
A wireless, low power, 64-channel data acquisition system named WIMAGINE has been designed for ElectroCorticoGram (ECoG) recording. This system is based on a custom integrated circuit (ASIC) for amplification and digitization on 64 channels. It allows the RF transmission (in the MICS band) of 32 ECoG recording channels (among 64 channels available) sampled(More)
We demonstrate the use of a plasma mirror to obtain 60-fs 10-TW laser pulses with a temporal contrast of 10(8) on a nanosecond time scale and 10(6) on a picosecond time scale, and we use these high-contrast pulses to generate high harmonics by nonlinear reflection on a plasma with a steep electronic density gradient. Well-collimated harmonics up to 20th(More)
The proposed microsystem architecture comprises two power sources, and a microbattery used as a storage unit ; a complete integrated circuit transforms and manages the harvested energy and interfaces the microbattery. The first source is a RF power receiver combined with a classical RF converter. The second micropower source is a 1V miniature(More)
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