Patrick Ansah

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BACKGROUND Traumatic anterior-inferior shoulder joint dislocations are common injuries among the young athletic population. The aim of this study was to assess which factors, including concomitant injury (rotator cuff tears, superior labral anterior posterior [SLAP] lesions), patient age, and fixation methods, led to redislocation after arthroscopic(More)
An acute tear of the adductor longus tendon is a seldom injury. A proximal osseous avulsion of this tendon has never been reported in literature. Acute repair (refixation) of the osseous avulsion with three suture anchors. Physical examinations 3, 6 and 24 months following the injury revealed no evidence of tenderness over the adductor muscle group, and(More)
BACKGROUND Effective treatment of osteochondral lesions in the elbow remains challenging. Arthroscopic débridement and microfracture or retrograde drilling techniques are often insufficient and provide only temporary symptomatic relief. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the treatment of these lesions with osteochondral autografts. METHODS From(More)
BACKGROUND Over 100 techniques for acromioclavicular joint (ACJ) reconstruction have been described. Most of these techniques are invasive and are associated with a high complication rate. We therefore developed a new minimally invasive arthroscopic technique for reconstruction of the ACJ. METHODS The new operation technique is described in detail. We(More)
BACKGROUND In the long-term follow-up after debridement, microfracture, or drilling of osteochondral lesions in the elbow, subsequent osteoarthritis is a problem. Osteochondral transplantation for these defects has become a more common procedure. However, long-term results are unknown. PURPOSE This study was undertaken to evaluate long-term clinical and(More)
Für die operative Versorgung von Akromioklavikular(AC-)gelenkverletzungen gibt es eine Vielzahl von Operationsmethoden. Neben teils schlechten Ergebnissen und hohen Komplikationsraten stellt die Invasivität mancher Operationen ein weiteres Problem dar. Deswegen wurde in unserer Abteilung ein neues minimal-invasives, arthroskopisch gestütztes Verfahren zur(More)
Die autologe osteochondrale Transplantation stellt heute eine der wichtigsten Möglichkeiten zur Therapie von Osteonekrosen und osteochondralen Defekten am Talus dar. Bei dieser technisch aufwändigen Technik werden Knorpel-Knochen-Zylinder aus dem ipsilateralen proximalen lateralen Femurkondylus zur Transplantation in die zuvor ausgestanzten Zylinder im(More)
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