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Web services are modular applications that can be described, located and invoked on the Internet. A user request may not only correspond to one specific service, but also to a set of web services. Thus, it is necessary that a composition of services be done in order to obtain the expected result. Nonetheless, many services with the same goal but different(More)
In the last few years, the performances of wireless technologies have increased tremendously thus opening new fields of application in the domain of networking. One of such fields concerns mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) in which mobile nodes organise themselves in a network without the help of any predefined infrastructure. Securing MANETs is just as(More)
The Atlantic Forest (AF) harbours one of the most diverse vertebrate faunas of the world, including 199 endemic species of birds. Understanding the evolutionary processes behind such diversity has become the focus of many recent, primarily single locus, phylogeographic studies. These studies suggest that isolation in forest refugia may have been a major(More)
User interface adaptations can be performed at runtime to dynamically reflect any change of context. Complex user interfaces and contexts can lead to the combinatorial explosion of the number of possible adaptations. Thus, dynamic adaptations come across the issue of adapting user interfaces in a reasonable time-slot with limited resources. In this paper,(More)
The wireless links between the nodes together with the dynamic-network nature of ad hoc network, increases the challenges of design and implement intrusion detection to detect the attacks. Traditional intrusion detection techniques have had trouble dealing with dynamic environments. In particular, issues such as collects real time attack related audit data(More)
Genome and exome sequencing in large cohorts enables characterization of the role of rare variation in complex diseases. Success in this endeavor, however, requires investigators to test a diverse array of genetic hypotheses which differ in the number, frequency and effect sizes of underlying causal variants. In this study, we evaluated the power of(More)
1. INTRODUCTION Nowadays many enterprises publish their applications functionalities on the Internet. This new generation of applications allows greater efficiency and availability for business. In fact, more and more applications make functionalities available using a web service format. However there are many services around the web, each one, taken(More)
Service oriented Architecture (SOA) has been widely used in service computing applications and this fact has been encouraged the publication over the Web in a Web Service format. Whereas the number of Web services published on the Web is growing up, discovery techniques must be improved so as to retrieve more desirable services. Nowadays, the most commonly(More)
Nowadays Internet is anywhere and users can find all possible information. In this situation, the new challenge is to provide the right information at the right time. As Web services are becoming a de facto way to integrate heterogeneous applications, companies are publishing some of their functionalities using a Web service format. Consequently, users can(More)