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The Heckman Correction for Sample Selection and Its Critique - A Short Survey
This paper gives a short overview of Monte Carlo studies on the usefulness of Heckman?s (1976, 1979) two?step estimator for estimating a selection model. It shows that exploratory work to check forExpand
The Treatment Effect, the Cross Difference, and the Interaction Term in Nonlinear 'Difference-in-Differences' Models
I demonstrate that Ai and Norton’s (2003) point about cross differences is not relevant for the estimation of the treatment effect in nonlinear “difference-in-differences” models such as probit,Expand
Subject of Degree and the Gender Wage Differential Evidence from the UK and Germany
We show that controlling for subject of degree explains a significant part of the male/female gender wage differential amongst graduates. Using data from the labour force surveys of the UnitedExpand
Does the Early Bird Catch the Worm? Instrumental Variable Estimates of Educational Effects of Age of School Entry in Germany
We estimate the effect of age of school entry on educational attainment using three different data sets for Germany, sampling pupils at the end of primary school, in the middle of secondary schoolExpand
The Long�?Term Effects of Early Track Choice
Despite its efficiency in tailoring education to the needs of students, a tracking system has the inherent problem of misallocating students to tracks because of incomplete information at the time ofExpand
Does the early bird catch the worm?
We estimate the effect of age of school entry on educational outcomes using two different data sets for Germany, sampling pupils at the end of primary school and in the middle of secondary school.Expand
Labour Mobility: An Adjustment Mechanism in Euroland? Empirical Evidence for Western Germany, France and Italy
Abstract We evaluate whether labour mobility is likely to act as a sufficient adjustment mechanism in the face of asymmetric shocks in Euroland. As no adequate data on cross-border migration areExpand
The Effects of a Sick Pay Reform on Absence and on Health-Related Outcomes
We evaluate the effects of a reduction in sick pay from 100 to 80% of the wage. Unlike previous literature, apart from absence from work, we also consider effects on doctor/hospital visits andExpand
Migration as an Adjustment Mechanism in the Crisis? A Comparison of Europe and the United States
The question of whether migration can be an equilibrating force in the labour market is an important criterion for an optimal currency area. It is of particular interest currently in the context ofExpand
Taxation and Internal Migration - Evidence from the Swiss Census Using Community-Level Variation in Income Tax Rates
We investigate the relationship between income tax rate variation and internal migration for the unique case of Switzerland, whose system of determining tax rates primarily at the community levelExpand