Patrick A. Garratt

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A review of sexuality in the Sparidae shows that protandrous, protogynous, simultaneous and rudimentary hermaphroditism have all been reported in the family. Careful histological study shows that even in those species reputed to have separate sexes, intersexuality is found in the juvenile condition. We suggest that two reproductive styles, sex change and(More)
Common name: Seventy-four (E), Vier-en-sewentig (Afrikaans). Conservation status: Critical, severely depleted (van der Elst & Garratt 1984, van der Elst & Adkin 1991). Identification: D XI1 + 10, A HI+ 8-9, P 16, LL 58-62, GR (810) + (14-16); depth 2.4-2.9. A large silvery-pink seabream (attains lm, 15kg) with several longitudinal blue bands running along(More)
The santerCheimerius nufar is widespread in tropical and subtropical waters of the western Indian Ocean and forms an important component of linefish catches along the east coast of southern Africa. Observations of spawning behaviour in captivity have revealed that spawning occurs during spring over a period of four months. Mating takes place at sunrise and(More)
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