Patricio A Bernal

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The first purpose of this article is to argue the significance of using international and culturally diverse exemplars in developing nursing knowledge. The second is to identify some urgent priorities in the development of nursing knowledge, particularly as related to women's health. The lived experiences of three women from Brazil, Egypt, and Colombia who(More)
This is a report of a phenomenological study of Colombia's "por día" domestic workers that examined their actions in promoting their health, in preventing illnesses, and in caring for themselves. A cross sectional sample of 60 per diem female domestic workers in one large city in Colombia were interviewed using open-ended interview questions about their(More)
The article presents the qualitative findings about the spousal role of women who are in per diem domestic work in Colombia. Sixty participants obtained through a random sample of employer homes were interviewed about the nature and the quality of their roles. The results provided are based on the participants' descriptions of their subjective experiences(More)
This article presents qualitative findings concerning women's maternal roles, based on interviews conducted in a study on role integration and health, in a Colombian sample of 60 women who are "por día" domestic workers. The results describe the women's worldview as they discuss the stresses and the satisfactions of their mothering roles. The results also(More)
THE PAST TWO U.S. SCIENCE FUNDING NEWS articles have highlighted budget cuts proposed for the Department of Energy’s Offi ce of Science (“Attack on climate studies would shutter entire DOE biology program” and “A strong defense of science—and a stiff upper lip,” News & Analysis, J. Mervis, 18 March, pp. 1378 and 1379). Notably, the proposal would also(More)
As the ocean observing system network becomes mature and information flow is enhanced, knowledge of the business and policy applications of the information will guide further design improvements. An analysis has been carried out from the “demand side” of the optimal temporal and spatial resolution and information format necessary for the ingestion of(More)
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