Patrician Robotham

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751 specimens of spined loach, Cobitis taenia (L.), were collected and studied over the period October 1972–October 1974. The majority of the males were found to die at the end of the 2+ season and the majority of the females at the end of the 3+ season. Back calculations for length at age were carried out from otolith measurements and found to correspond(More)
The mean haemoglobin concentration of Noemacheilus barbatulus was found to be significantly higher than that of Cobitis taenia. Under conditions of reduced oxygen saturation, both species achieved maximum rates of ventilation at 10% 02. An alteration in opercular beat pattern accounted for the increased ventilation rates between 20% and 30%. A slightly(More)
Monthly observations (October 1972–October 1974) of a natural population of spined loach, Cobitis taenia (L.), in the River Great Ouse at Newport Pagnell indicated a patchy microdistribution, which varied seasonally. The distribution was clearly linked to the areas of fine substrate, which altered seasonally in position. Flow rates measured at monthly(More)
Mth (Author of "I Was a Teenage Dwarf', "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis", etc.) When all of you go to Europe during your summer vacation, you will certainly want to visit Spain, where the tall corn grows, The first thing you will notice upon entering Spain is the absence of sibilants. In Spain "s" is pronounced "th" and thereby hangs a tale. Until the reign(More)
The consequences of infection of rainbow trout,Salmo gairdneri Richardson, by an acanthocephalan,Pomphorhynchus laevis Muller, have been studied using light and electron microscopy. The mucosal epithelium, of the gut adjacent to the metasoma of the worm suffered compression and abrasion. The praesoma ofP. laevis penetrated the mucosal epithelium, lamina(More)
The use of hepatic post-mitochondrial supernatant (pms) as a source of monooxygenase activity in roach following intra peritoneal injection of beta-naphthoflavone was investigated. Pms was found to be three times less active than microsomes although the level of induction was similar (9 fold). No effect of dicumarol on Ethoxyresorufin O-deethylase (EROD)(More)
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