Patrician J Scott

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Treatment for postmenopausal osteoporosis should be offered to those with a history of fractures following minimal trauma or with a bone density significantly below the range seen in young normal adults. Underlying diseases contributing to the reduced bone density should be sought and treated appropriately. Lifestyle issues such as smoking, alcohol intake(More)
This article, prepared in honor of Daria Haust, reviews some features of research into atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease over the past 150 years, and beyond. Attention is drawn to problems arising when people of strong personality dominate a particular field of research to the exclusion of pertinent observations that do not fit neatly into their(More)
This paper explores the thesis that a series of impasses have developed in the New Zealand health system for historical reasons and in the absence of a central philosophy determining the shape development of the service: resolution of these blocks to development of a coordinated system requires urgent attention. However, a satisfactory solution seems(More)
Rationing of resources within both the private and public health care systems is a fact of life. The Thunderbirds TV series encapsulated an idealistic philosophy that life should be saved independent of the pecuniary cost. Doctors, in particular, are trapped between their role as advocates for the patient within the "Thunderbirds" philosophy and as citizens(More)