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The rapid disruption of tropical forests probably imperils global biodiversity more than any other contemporary phenomenon. With deforestation advancing quickly, protected areas are increasingly becoming final refuges for threatened species and natural ecosystem processes. However, many protected areas in the tropics are themselves vulnerable to human(More)
There are many criteria for evaluating hypertext. Adequacy and cost effectiveness are perhaps the most obvious flom the producer's perspective additional criteria are important for users. Examination of the limitations of various assessment criteria highlights the twin issues of the cognitive costs and benefits experienced by people using hypertext as part(More)
This paper will not advocate list of firm recommendations about document design because it is recognised that design decisions will vary with many factors. Instead, the present discussion will emphasize that when making these decisions it is necessary for designers to take account of how readers will use the information provided. In order to help them do(More)
Biodiversity plays an integral role in the livelihoods of subsistence-based forest-dwelling communities and as a consequence it is increasingly important to develop quantitative approaches that capture not only changes in taxonomic diversity, but also variation in natural resources and provisioning services. We apply a functional diversity metric originally(More)
BACKGROUND Men considering the prostate specific antigen (PSA) test for prostate cancer, an increasingly common male cancer, are encouraged to make informed decisions, as the test is limited in its accuracy and the natural history of the condition is poorly understood. The Web-based PSA decision aid, Prosdex, was developed as part of the UK Prostate Cancer(More)