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Chromosomal aberrations were observed after vaccination against classical swine fever (CSF) in a previous study done on experimental pigs. To determine if the same effect occurs in farm animals, field trials were done with immunized pigs. The cytogenetic analysis was made from lymphocyte cultures of pigs sampled in three farms of Río Cuarto region on six(More)
AIMS To acquire data on the safety-in-use of the probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae RC016 and test its ability to reduce genotoxicity caused by dietary aflatoxins (AFs). METHODS AND RESULTS The probiotic was orally administered to Wistar rats. Six groups (n = 6) were arranged: feed and probiotic controls, two levels of AFs-contaminated feed and two(More)
Hog cholera virus (HCV) can induce chromosome abnormalities in diseased pigs as well as in those vaccinated with attenuated virus vaccine against classic swine fever. An experiment was made using animals from potency and safety control tests of commercial vaccines in Argentina. The different types of chromosomal alterations observed were chromatid and(More)
Skin explants of the neotenic form of Ambystoma tigrinum (Axolotl) have been kept in culture during several days. When alpha-MSH or prolactin are added to the medium, a dispersion of melanin in melanosomes is observed. The reaction is reversible in the case of prolactin when the explants are transferred in the medium without hormones. Furthermore with(More)
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